The Department of Sociology was established in 2010 in Palosa sub-campus ofAbdul Wali Khan University, located in the heart of lush green agricultural fields of District Charsadda. After the upgradation of the campus to full-fledged public sector university in 2012, the Department of Sociology came under the administration of Bacha Khan University Charsadda. The emerging needs of social sciences and especially the growing demand of Sociologists in job market paved the way for development of the Department of Sociology. Theoretically, the discipline caters to structure the foundations ofsociety with its functional imperatives which plays vital role in the process ofsocial change at micro and macro level. All these social processes are the indispensable part of the human group life. Thus, all sorts of societies need to be explored and sociologists are trying their best in this regard to provide systematic and reliable knowledge for the understanding of complex networks based on social relationships and interaction. To equip the new generation with emerging skills for new avenues the Department of Sociology started BS and MA Sociology programs in 2010 and subsequently started its M.Phil. program in 2013. The department started PhD Sociology program in Fall-2019. Moreover, the department took the initiative to introduce BS in Political Science in 2019 and formal classes were started soon after.