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Bacha Khan University, Charsadda was established on July 03, 2012 with the mission to advance knowledge and learning through quality research and education for the whole nation. The message of peace and universal brotherhood as practiced and preached by Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Bacha Khan) will be the motto of the University to steer the organization in the years ahead which would induct Pakistan into the comity of respectable nations of the world. Prof. Dr. Zahid Hussain is Pro Vice Chancellor of Bacha Khan University, Charsadda

Meet the Pro Vice Chancellor – Prof. Dr. Zahid Hussain

Prof. Dr. Zahid Hussain, the esteemed Pro Vice Chancellor of our University, is a visionary leader dedicated to fostering academic excellence and innovation. With a wealth of experience in the field of education, Dr. Zahid brings a dynamic perspective to the institution. Under his leadership, the University has witnessed remarkable growth, emerging as a center of academic and research excellence.

Prof. Dr. Zahid Hussain holds a distinguished academic background and has made significant contributions to his field. His expertise and passion for education have inspired countless students and faculty members. As Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr. Zahid is committed to promoting a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and intellectual curiosity within the University community.With his unwavering commitment to excellence and a student-centered approach, Prof. Dr. Zahid Hussain continues to guide the University towards new heights, empowering students to become the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.

Scholarship Facility

Scholarship for Disabled Students. Scholarship for Siblings. Need Based Scholarships. HEC Need Based Scholarship

Skilled Faculty

Bacha Khan has highly qualified trained and experienced teaching Faculty. All Staff are aware of the latest teaching techniques and pay individual attention.

Book Library & Store

Libraries happen to be the heart of educational institutions. University which can accommodate 200,000 books on its shelves. Online digital Library

  Our Programs

Bachelor’s Program

At the undergraduate level, the University offers a diverse range of Bachelor’s degree programs across various disciplines. These programs provide students with a solid understanding of fundamental concepts and equip them with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of their respective fields. Whether you aspire to be an engineer, biologist, economist, artist, or any other professional, our Bachelor’s programs provide the ideal platform to kickstart your journey towards success.

Master’s Programs

For those seeking to deepen their knowledge and specialize in a particular area, the University offers a wide array of Master’s degree programs. These programs are designed to provide advanced education and practical training, equipping students with the expertise needed to excel in their chosen fields. With a focus on interdisciplinary learning, innovation, and research, our Master’s programs foster a spirit of exploration and encourage students to push the boundaries of knowledge.

PhD Programs

The University is proud to offer exceptional opportunities for advanced research and scholarly pursuits through its Ph.D. programs. These programs are designed to cultivate intellectual curiosity, independent thinking, and the ability to contribute original insights to the academic community. As a Ph.D. student at our University, you will have access to state-of-the-art facilities, expert faculty mentors, and a vibrant research ecosystem that will empower you to make significant contributions to your chosen field of study.

Popular Course​s

BS Artificial Intelligence
BS Data Science

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