Farm Director Message:

Bacha Khan Agriculture Research Farm (BARF) has been primarily established to provide our students and faculty in agriculture a platform for conducting crop related experiments. This, we understand, is pivotal both for the students and faculty as well as for the uplift of the ranking of our university in terms of academic and research output. Farming community of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in general and the Province in particular is our clientele. Our scientists strive to discover ways and means to enhance agricultural productivity and to improve product quality at right time and cost. We have exchange links with Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA), Cereal Crops Research Institute (CCRI), Sugarcane Research institute (SRI), Agriculture Extension Department and similar other organizations. Our scientists always value feedback from the farming community to align their research program to the actual needs of the farmers. Farmers are encouraged to interact with our scientists for finding solutions to their problems.We welcome the students, farmers and their representatives to visit our department, specifically our Bacha Khan Agriculture Research Farm. We hope to flourish further in the years to come. -

Best Regards, Prof. Dr Saleem Shah (Farm Director)

Farm Manager Message:

Welcome to the Bacha Khan Agricultural Research Farm (BARF), one of the newly established research farm of Bacha khan University, Charsadda. Facing a challenging environment in the future, the farm has a vision to be a leading provider of industrial oriented agricultural education and research to the community to improve the standard of life in the country especially in this area. Presently, the farm is passing through the developmental stages having 56 kanals land which is allocated for research trials. The highly qualified and experienced faculty of the department is committed and trying to provide quality education in the field of agriculture with clean environment. The faculty also intends to produce highly mannered, devoted and enthusiastic scientists especially in the field of research. The department will try its best to provide all the facilities for quality education and research. For the achievements of such goals, hard work with keen interest is the key to success. -

Best Regards, Dr Ali Sher (Farm Manager)


: It is our intension that Bacha Khan Agriculture Research Farm (BARF) turns into the fountainhead of agricultural development in the respective area. We strive to significantly contribute to the economic prosperity of the farming community through introduction and evolution of high yielding varieties of crops, fruits and vegetables, standardization of agronomic techniques and dissemination of the latest technology, soil management, fertilizer use and plant protection measures. The research findings are disseminated to farmers by publishing research papers, technical bulletins and popular articles in local journals. Field Days, training courses and seminars are held periodically to acquaint the extension staff and the farmers with the latest research findings in various disciplines of agriculture


Improvement of the socio-economic conditions of the farming community through innovative research/ideas/technologies and adaptation of the modern national and international innovations under the local available resources and prevailing environment.


1. New variety development for high yield.
2. Better quality and high economic return to the grower.
3. Production of quality seeds (Pre and basic).
4. Dissemination of technology to the end users.


1. Enhance Agriculture productivity per unit area.
2. Increase farmersí income and reduce poverty.
3. Ensure food security.
4. Protect environment.


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