1Laptop tender Click here To Download25/04/2019
2convocation Gowns medals and shieldsClick here To Download08/03/2019
3Repair of 200 KVA Allied Cat generatorClick here To Download01/03/2019
4Re-Tender notice of supply order of Computer/IT eqiupements Click here To Download30/01/2019
5Canteen Tender Click here To Download19/09/2018
6ID Card / Printer Solution Click here To Download10/08/2018
7Computer/IT related equipments Click here To Download17/07/2018
8Tender notice 2 Diesal Generators Click here To Download30/06/2018
9Tender notice different eqiupement Click here To Download04/05/2018
10Tender notice supply of 630 KVA Transformer Click here To Download20/04/2018
11Software Tender Click here To Download
12Software SpecificationClick here To Download